Djangalla Reformism
During the 2900-3300 period a counteraction to the Empires emerged, claiming the growth of the empires and transformation of megacorps into hereditary houses was leading to stagnation and repression. The reformists sought a return to hab or planetary government, avoiding dependency on the transapient AIs, and the free development of all modosophonts. The reformist movement (named after Ira Jahn-Michael's famed Djangalla speech of 3007) was widespread across inhabited space, but never gained political power except highly locally or in small utopian communes. It was largely ignored, contained, co-opted or even in a few cases violently repressed; by 3300 little of the original movement remained. However, many reformist emigrated to the furthermost frontiers as their attempts failed, and this contributed to the growth of independent-minded systems in the outer volumes that came into play during the Version War.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 09 October 2001.