Colbalt, Robby
Robby 'Rom' Colbalt was a late Establishment age cyborg utopian (b. 2821, New Tycho, Terragen Federation) who, concerned at the degree of SI:<1 reliance of ai, wished to create a society free of hyperturing supervision, where all sentients would be considered free and independent regardless of clade, species or toposophic.

During the 2900s Colbartism became quite big in the Terragen Federation, riding on a wave of nostalgia for the grand days of the 30th century idealists and the Vesta Consensus. A newly settled system, called Niuearth, was set aside and a number of colonists migrated. The whole experiment broke down in 3114, and following a short-lived period under the NoCoZo, Niuearth was annexed by the Taurus Nexus.

The ultimate fate of Robby Rom Colbalt remains unknown, although most reliable historians assert he was killed during an ill-fated attempt to recapture Niuearth during the First Empires War. It is now known that the whole endeavour was the result of an experiment/game/hobby/bet/simulation (no exact baseline translation) between two Terragen Federation administration SI:2 powers. Niuearth is currently a bucolic Metasoft holiday resort.
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Initially published on 24 September 2001.