Nimbus Project, The

Nimbus Project
Image from Steve Bowers
The neutron star Beta Theonimus is now surrounded by artificial plasmas and transapient-level infrastructure

The Nimbus Project is a large scale engineering project that is being carried out by the Negentropy Alliance as an experiment in creating an immortal mind.

The Nimbus Project seeks to incorporate a mind into an artificially generated electron-positron plasma able to survive in the low energy conditions expected to prevail several hundred billion to several trillion years in the future.

In the first phase of the project, started in 10491, experiments in positron plasma generation are being carried out in the region of the neutron star Beta Theonimus. In the second phase of the project, expected to begin within a century, attempts will be made to create a stable mix of electron-positron pairs. In the third phase, to be carried out in intergalactic space several hundred light-years below the galactic plane, an attempt will be made to both generate a large scale plasma structure and to impose a stable pseudo-neural pattern within it.

The linelayer carrying the wormhole gate to be used for the project's third phase is currently en route and scheduled to arrive at its destination coordinates in only 600 years.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 20 September 2002.