Quasar Dynamic Fleet
The Quasar Dynamic Fleet is officially a semi-autonomous subsidiary of the Quasar Dynamic Group. But after the bankruptcy and dissolution of the QDG in the second half of the 9300's, the fleet has become a somewhat nomadic civilization whose only aim seems to be the complete and utter destruction of the Daharran Advance.

Although officially launched in 9400, it was to be some 30 years travel before the QDF came face to face with their original target, the Daharran home system. They were the first to confirm previous observations that the entire system had been converted into a huge black hole.

By the time the Fleet returned to their own worlds in the Chronos Cluster, the Daharran Advance had come and gone. After almost 400 years of a legendary chase through space the Quasar Dynamic Fleet came upon one branch of the Daharran Advance in 9829. The ensuing battles with the Quasar Dynamic Fleet entirely destroyed that branch of the Advance.

Since then the Fleet has been successful in beating back the Daharran Advance along with help from the remaining worlds and habitats of the Chronos Cluster. They are led by third singularity Supreme Command Program Bob 8 and his lower singularity sub-routines. The fleet consists of four distinct sub-fleets, which are currently working separately but cooperatively throughout the Chronos Cluster. Each fleet originally consisted of about eighty relativistic battleships, consisting of a mix of autowars, battle mini-ISOs, and mobile armament production platforms. Each fleet also had a considerable, but unspecified number of third singularity minds.

The latest reports say that the fleets have expanded to an average of more than 100 vessels each. It is also rumored that the Fleet has come close to a collective ascension to SI:4 on a number of occasions but has refrained from doing so in order to finish their mission to destroy the Advance completely.

The Quasar Dynamic Fleet is composed entirely of vecs, virtuals and ai. The exact composition is unknown and is a closely guarded secret, along with specifications of their weapon systems, which they simply say are "adequate for the task at hand".
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Initially published on 01 June 2005.