B-Brain, Black Hole Brain

Black Hole
Image from Steve Bowers
A black hole accretion disk; could such an object hold a computational substrate?

A hypothetical mind based upon a computational substrate composed of the Cauchy horizon of a black hole.

Very little information is known about the details of this form of computation, indeed, many references dismiss this as an outright memetic fabrication towards some unknown purpose. The physical basis for B-Brains seems to be the indestructibility of information when crossing an event-horizon, and the exploitation of particular properties of time dilation.

A B-Brain based upon the roughly 3.7X106 solar mass of the central galactic black hole would have an almost incalcuably high toposophic potential. However few black-hole brains appear to have been ever constructed in the Terragen Sphere, and all of these have been converted to other uses in due course. Instead the most advanced archailects known, the Great Archailects, use Wormhole Brains, which have no event horizon.

A number of detected extragalactic civilisations have been observed to use black hole brains, including the civilisation in NGC 3109; possibly these civilisations have never developed wormhole technology, or distrust it for some reason.

Rotating black holes can also be used to generate very large amounts of energy using various mechanical means, such as the Penrose Process and superradiance; the energy produced by such pathways could be sufficient to supply enough energy to power an advanced civilisation for billions of years, especially from a rotating supermassive black hole. Even without exploiting the computational potential of the black hole's event horizon, an advanced civilisation could produce enough energy for vast amounts of information processing.

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Text by Adam Getchell
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 25 April 2007.