ISO YahWeh
A former Solarian S1 theology instructor under the delusion that e is a figure from pre-singularity mythology.

Escaped from Solarian Council for Doctrine agents after the massacre of Bordeans on the Bluesky world of Cygni 4. YahWeh demanded that they reject the God-Emperor and destroy all copies of The Infinite Reflections. The populace rejected this demand, and in order to punish the worshipers of a 'Gold Idol', e overrode the safety controls on the antique ion pumps of the bluesky causing a massive electrical storm, destroying the bluesky and killing 83,428; of which only 54,211 were in a condition to be revived.

Since then, YahWeh has only targeted S<1 worlds where e is able to subvert the original populace with basic memetics and demand adoration, with the carrot and usually stick approach. As a result e has always been driven off by equivalent, and in one case, inferior but better prepared sentients. Er defeat in that instance by beings of a lower toposophic is considered by most observers to be further evidence of er insanity.
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Text by Ben Higginbottom
Initially published on 10 June 2002.