Greenice of Palmas
MPA-Keterist mind designer and ascendist.

Developed by Palmas Corporation at Djed in 2109, it quickly became one of the major mind designers at Kiyoshi during the formative years of the MPA. Among its designs the Kiyoshi Dysonette minds, the habitat climate controllers of Djed Aberq Ring and Ulla Brittant earned it major renown. In 3203 several copies of Greenice migrated to the Keter Dominion, where they participated in the coalescence of Aleph Absolute and the Institute of Ascendics. The MPA copies remained in close contact with their Keterist copies, and became the major players of the Kiyoshi merging, ascendics and unleashing business. To this day Greenice remains the standard (and main accrediting instance) of MPA mental merging consultancy.

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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 31 October 2001.