Perfect Mirror, The

Alien artifact discovered on the fifth moon of the gas giant T'tul in the Carina Rush

Perfect Mirror
Image from Steve Bowers

The artifact is a cube approximately three metres on a side. Employing a mechanism that has so far defied analysis, the surface of the Mirror reflects all forms of kinetic, thermal, and electromagnetic energy that come into contact with it exactly back to their source, instantaneously and with perfect efficiency. This results in some very strange effects and incidentally makes the artifact effectively indestructible.

Many commentators suggest that this artifact uses space-time engineering to achieve these effects, but this speculation has not been confirmed or denied by those transapients who have examined this object closely.

It is theorized that the mirror somehow manipulates events at the planck scale to create its effects. Its maker(s), and the purpose of the mirror, are entirely unknown, but based on tests of rock samples taken from underneath it the artifact is at least three billion years old.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 04 January 2002.