Andian Mission
In the wake of the Version War and in the spirit of the ComEmp, the Andian Mission was instituted in 4744 by some groups in the NoCoZo to help the badly damaged, isolated, or poor systems of the Outer Volumes as well as try to contact the remaining fleets that were unaware of the end of the war. The Mission was based on a mixture of tolerant and pragmatic NoCoZo philosophies and managed to get support both from the Sophic League and the Mutual Progress Association. This idealistic organization managed to contact hundreds of lost worlds, doing much good in the following millennia. While the core organization soon ossified and lost sight of the original goals, the active arm remained much the same as when it was started due to the amount of relativistic travel. In 6037 there was a formal break. The core Mission eventually developed into a banking concern, while the Outer Volume Andian Mission today remains a highly regarded support organization in the Carina-Vela outer volumes.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 16 September 2001.