Aquila Rift, The

A series of dark, dusty nebulae in the Orion Arm

Aquila rift
Image from Steve Bowers
A series of dark molecular clouds in the Middle Regions, about 800 light years from Sol. Together with the Vulpecula Rift and the Northern Coal Sack in Cygnus, this is part of the so-called Great Dark River.

This dark region eclipses the bright star fields behind, splitting them into two as seen from the Old Solar System. The Rift is mostly in Cygexpa, The Zoeific Biopolity and Keter Dominion territory, although a number of MPA worlds exist on the coreward fringe.

Beyond the Great Dark River lies the former territory of the Biovirate, the Ocean Fleet region and a number of new start-up empires in the Outer Volumes.
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Development Notes
Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 05 August 2012.

Image created using Photopic Sky survey by Nick Risinger