Perseus Rift, The
Colloquial term for the volume between the Orion and Perseus arms; a vast and ill-defined volume rimwards of the Solar Dominion and Metasoft.

The Perseus Rift has always been a remote and troublesome region for the inner powers, and after the Version War a number of independent mainly ex-Dominion interstellar powers have emerged. The politics of the region is complex, not unlike the Disarchy outside the NoCoZo - Negentropic border. In general, it is a playground for minor powers and clades resisting Dominion expansionism and emigrant groups from the Inner Sphere.

The colonization of the Perseus Arm continues despite the Rift, mainly through a few long-range wormholes left from before the Version War. The threat from the Amalgamation has led to increased pressure on the Rift powers to support the PADO (Perseus Arm Defence Organisation), but negotiations and even contact remains slow.

A number of exploration-dedicated archai have transcended to become full archailects, and style themselves the Perseus Princes; in the Pluton Volume one important new archailect is Prince Vatsceh, who has forged a hybrid culture with the xenosophont Muuh and Soft Ones in that region.

Some of the other main powers of the region are the Restored Ambi Limis, 1513, the Celerin Volume, the Ulysses Network, the Blackbody Cluster, and Sweetlight.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 19 December 2001.