Web, World Wide Web, WWW
Old Earth Information age distributed communications network allowing individuals and organizations around the world to communicate with one another, by sharing of text, images, sounds, video, software, and other forms of information. The Information Age is generally defined as beginning with the first Web network (2nd decade a.t.)

The Web was a system of data-and-message servers linked by (for the technology of the time) high-capacity communication links that could be an be accessed by any computer user with a "web browser" and Internet access. The primary user interface paradigm of the "web" was based on hypertext, which consists of documents of data connected by "links," (originally "hyperlinks") which the user selects by a pointing device such as a mouse. These same principles are still used today to link data in virchspace, although pointers are now foglet or DNI-enabled, and no longer require an external peripheral

By the early Interplanetary Age, the Web had become subsumed under the larger Interplanetary Network (IPN), which in turn became the original paradigm for the FedNet and from that the early hyperturing organized and archailect distributed predecessors of the Known Net.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 12 December 2001.