Anti-culture secretionpunk movement

Image from Bernd Helfert

Briefly popular in some disenfranchised Negentropy Alliance polities and solar systems (possibly memetic subversion originating from the TrueModel in the 5600's although this is still disputed) during the late Age of Re-Evaluation.

While AIMHEM quickly squashed the movement, it soon spread to other empires, and comes in and out of local fashion on occasion, although never enough to be a nuisance. It later also reappeared in the Alliance, where it is tolerated in small doses, leading to the suggestion that the movement actually has positive effects.

The original Wuppista was a bioborg neogen male with enhanced and enlarged genitals who would put on public performances in which nearby property (storefronts, public service terminals, nonsentient art work, etc) would be destroyed, and bystanders would be sprayed with blood, urine, semen, saliva, feces, and, worst of all, wupple, a sort of half-sentient revolting and foul-smelling greenish-yellow-brown biogoo. While non-lethal in itself, the goo is very resilient, remains stuck to whatever it is attached to, and becomes highly aggressive when treated (turning into a sort of acid disassembler). Untreated wupple degrades into a harmless and easily removed hydrocarbon residue after a few metric days.

Although the Wuper alpha was soon apprehended, psychoprobing and nanoneuronal analysis revealed no information regarding his background, so he was given social reconditioning and released, renamed Bertwell Gelan (Zar Gelan was a model citizen and never reoffended, nor was he linked to the later wup movement). But soon after, a swarm of Wup clones appeared, along with Wupi (female), Wupo (hermaphrodite), and Wupp (neuter), resulting in an aggressive crackdown by authorities

Even before the Wuppista infestation had been removed from Negentropy Alliance polities, not only Wup emself but memetic and morphotypic imitators like Wup Lord, Wup Squared, Wuphead, Wupbot, Wupcock, Wupborg, etc, began appearing elsewhere.

There is a huge amount of urban folklore around Wup. One memeticity has it that Wup is an advance wave for an alien invasion, another that Wup is a single high toposophic perversity, another that the AI Gods themselves (even the Judge of the Negentropy Alliance!) planted Wup to stir up the modosophonts, or to serve as a teaching device (a sort of super koan), in the same way that they believe the Version War did. But really, no-one knows what Wup is.

Nowadays the amount of genuine Wup in the civilized galaxy is very small (and in very high demand!), almost all that passes for Wup and Wuppistas are the imitators and wannabes.

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    It has been suggested (although this has never been confirmed) that the whole Wup movement originated as a flame war among high toposophic level minds. "An infestation of Wup" (general term, like "a gaggle of geese") may have been among the insults AI might use on each other.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 13 January 2002.