5400 to 5800 AT: Age of Re-Evaluation

Age of Re-evaluation
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Like the Age of Fragmentation, this is a time of uncertainty. This period sees the emergence of new powers and empires like the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm or the Biovirate, with radical and aggressive ideologies. Events like the Oshi-Durtam Web transcendence encourage a culture of anxiety. A fearful and apocalyptic mystique develops regarding the strange developments throughout the Hinteregions and the Outer Volumes. New introspective memetics, psychologies and cults flourish, both in the provinces and the Inner Sphere. This is an inward-looking period, as the superbrights and hyperturings re-evaluate the way that their civilization has been run, and consider their various options. The emergence of the Paradigm is significant here; it represents one of the factors that leads not to the formation of a new federation but, an agreement between the empires on an alliance against all new outside threats. That is widely seen as the start of a new order, instead of empire against empire; it is turning into wormhole nexus against the unknown.

But more than just outside threats, this age was also one in which changes are taking place within the empires as many groups and AIs realize that the current system needs to be revised. New alliances form, decentralization proceeds, and Cygexpa sells its territories. Many empires undergo vast reorganizations, having to allow parts to become more independent or even losing them. But while the Solar Dominion might be unsuccessfully trying to regain the Perseus Arm, the Negentropy Alliance is growing through the TrueModel, new polities and powers appear in the Serpens and Carina regions.

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The Age of Fragmentation

5400 AT
55th Century - The Daveth Tweaks totally annihilated by the Dawn Mutual Protection Treaty Organisation.

55th Century - Biovirate empire extends some 80 LY in every direction.

55th Century - The Efficiency Maximization Paradigm uses nanite swarms as a radical implementation of the Precepts of Negentropy, and begins upload everyone and everything into massive nanotech based virtual universes.

5400 - birth of the baseline human artist Haliki Movarion on the Metasoft reserve planet Jafalgia.

5404 - Hyperturing So Ba Lon manages to draw nine local hyperturing gods and their polities together with the promise of special trade and investment deals e had organised in the Carina Sector, thus establishing the Capellan Federation.

5405 Cableville system sold to a transavant second singularity AI Power named HolyDeveloper.

5409 - Kalmanto Aesthetics founded on Corona as a rebellion against the old-fashioned building codes, an AI entropy tax haven and an artwork.

5411 - Aphoxis cult of the Sophic League colonise Oia.

5418 - An examination by a 3rd singularity consumer complaints investigation intellect from Merrion cleared Nucog Androids of any wrong doing in the Butlermaster 4500 issue.

5432 - Alien artifact - The Spindle - discovered by Metasoft.

5434 - Aimhem, The Association for Interstellar Mental Health Monitoring, founded in the Negentropy Alliance.

5434 - TrueModel line-layer ships reach the Crucis Corridor and begin significant trade with the inner sphere More.

5439 - Nirio attacked by the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm and optimized with little loss of life.

5441 - Alyx Tuerge begins a successful dialog with the Alfirk Panvirtuality Swarm.

5444 - Copygroup lifestyle emerges on Grignard.

5465 - Marvarun Pact, an alliance between neighbouring empires and several powerful AI fractions for the purpose of halting the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm advance. The New Beneficence, after several failed efforts to negotiate with the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm for a peaceful end to its plans, also endorses the Marvarun Pact.

5482 - New Beneficence a minor contributor to the Civilization Ship project.

5480 - The first engagement between the Marvarun Pact PCO forces and the Paradigm took place at Gritwald, newly captured by the Paradigm.

5482 - The FAS curator ISO Likhachev opens discussions with several MPA and Negentropist multi-planetary AIs regarding the preservation of civilization, leading to the development the first Curatorial Progress Negentropy Civilization (CPNC) ship (Civilization Ship.)

5490 - Algernon Ultraviolet Kinng born.

5500 AT
56th Century AT - In the Inner Sphere the old altruistic Commonwealth has been replaced by a period of increasing internal decadence, corruption and arrogance leads to increasing crisis and collapse in the old empires that have ruled known space for centuries. Many clades of baselines, nebs, tweaks, and cyborgs break free of the stifling limitations and conservatism of these corrupt societies and explore outwards in new ships, or create new trends in fashion, art, culture, and sport, leading to the collapse of some of the great Houses and a new rule by democracy. Others try to revive the ComEmp Ontology and seek a return to the majesty of the period.

Civilisation critics claim that the failure of the Concord Ontology and ComEmp, plus exopaleological findings, show the impossibility of maintaining a galactic culture, and that sooner or later the barbarians would be coming. This leads to a rich tradition of apocalyptic literature.

56th Century AT - Pourmurmide developed on the autotopia world of Osto in the Utopia Sphere, where eventually most of the population comes to use it.

5500s - Threshold [MPA] a black hole, is first used for burial services.

5500 - The Normidic Machinophyle Supercluster has become a large empire, overlapping with Negentropist, Keterist, and STC space, and appropriating all unclaimed and non-aligned star systems.

5502 - The Battle of Avase was the first of a decisive series of battles turned the tide against the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm expansion.

5538 - The central processing AI of Raganthra Archipelago, based upon unexplainable equations above the second singularity, orders the entire supply of magnesium of the ten-star archipelago to be destroyed. The whole region is plunged into an economic recession.

5542 - Jilunan attains first toposophic and Posthuman status.

5553 - The last of the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm defenses at Drummon Duran were defeated, but the half-built Paradigm-controlled dyson sphere refused to surrender. Over Negentropist and New Beneficence objections, the structure was destroyed, along with the unknown millions or billions of virtual sentients it contained.

5559 - The Jekaumeatrine Accords forces the now weakened Efficiency Maximization Paradigm to retreat to its pre-expansion borders and pay renumeration to organic and bioid relatives of the uploads.

5561 - The first Civilization Ship, the Evergreen Future, is launched.

5576 - Children of Moreau movement, a mass Frankenstein Syndrome incident spawns a cult and terrorist group among hominid splices.

5580 - The Institute of Eschatology officially declared the Pi 3 system as being infected by an pathaic AI entity, most likely a second order perversion. [Pi 3 Orionis / Daedalus].

5594 - On New Mars the AI Winnings-Sheerblue transcends and leaves behind (or metamorphoses into?) the Stele of Adherent Drops, perhaps the most famous example of Perfect Art.

5598 - Conchsquid xenobionts discovered.

5600 AT
57th Century - Cautious explorers approaching the former Oshi-Durtam Web discover a surreal ultratech/godtech ecology that had transformed an entire 65 light year radius of space beyond recognition. This became known as the Surreal Rash. No sign of the original high transapient AIs were found.

5600's - It is possible that Wup, the Anti-culture secretionpunk movement, originated by memetic subversion originating from the TrueModel at this time.

5603 - Relativistic rescue mission reaches the Newlife system.

5617 - Khitai system explored by HIE xenoarchaeologists.

5620 - Transapients assume power in Calyx once more.

5622 - An emissary from the Skorad Empire arrives at the PCSC17562 system, only to discover an army of reanimated corpses (see The Undead Army of Dan Sanders).

5640 - The Danyello M'lund Cluster becomes a formal part of the NoCoZo.

5634 - M'teve devolution causes controversy in some Keterist circles. It leads to the Immanentizer Crusade.

5642 - Voyager 1 recovered and removed to the Barnard's Star system for display purposes.

5655 - The first remnants of the Jacks, a xenosophont civilisation discovered on YTS 32298-567 b.

5680's - Naos colonized by a bizarre corporate-religious clade calling itself the UV Consciousness.

5690 - Sullivan colonized by formerly MPA clades.

5699 - Cambyses, a dry xerogaian world discovered in the Perseus rift (see Marsupial Lion).

5700 AT
5700 - Biovirate empire extends some 150 LY in every direction. However, the empire is continually weakened by revolts and schisms on a number of member worlds, some of which declare independence or neutrality or form sub-empires of their own.

5700 - The Grrerraff Empire on Rufus attempts in vain to outlaw Free Handvecs.

5715 - Symming Bao Cru releases The Biovirate Decalogue, a watershed in the development of Inner Sphere anxiety culture virchliterature.

5740 - The first relativistic colony ships of the Semperist Survival Fleet reached Refugium, an easily terraformable terrestrial world approximately 2200 lightyears from Sol.

5768 - The Gerkletoss system is re-connected to the Wormhole Nexus.

5781 - Contemplative Neverflux announces that e will be departing. After a series of final messages to eir followers, Neverflux disappears. It is generally believed that e is now a Notee, at last attaining the "survival" e has given thousands of others.

5783 - Makrania Orwoods linked to Graunstein by wormhole.

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Initially published on 21 October 2003.

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