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Generic name for a genomically-enhanced human (later, also provolve and splice), with intelligence significantly above the baseline for that species. Usually, a sophont between S0.4 and S0.9 toposophic (hu baseline is S0.3). Most of the early Homo superior species were also superbrights.

See article on the Rise of Homo Superior.

The early First Federation was a good example of a superbright-superturing run society, but it was gradually taken over by hyperturings and other transapients (most of which were affiliated with the Megacorps of the time).

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    A sapient being of S0.3-0.4 toposophic. (hu baseline of IQ 100 is S0.3)
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    Impolite term Superbrights and near-Superbrights use to refer to those sapients (whether baseline or superior) of lower than their own level of intelligence.
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