Contemplative Neverflux

Sophic League transapient philosopher

Contemplative Neverflux
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Contemplative Neverflux's origins are not clear; eir first appearance was in 4511 a.t., at which point, e was already SI:2. It is believed that e spent much of eir preceding life developing eir personal metaphysics under a different alias. For the next two centuries, Neverflux wandered the wormhole Nexus of the Sophic League, which was relatively intact after the Version War, giving minor lectures and rarely revealing eir SI:2 nature. In 4716 a.t., Neverflux suddenly announced that e had elucidated a new metaphysical system, and formed the School of Continuous Death. Eir philosophy was popularized by eir seminal work, The Illusion of Survival. While most who read it were unconvinced and considered the implications absurd, Neverflux attracted a significant following.

One of Neverflux's most important legacies was eir creation and promotion of several Notee clades. These beings did not change with time, but experienced the same thoughts over and over again, for eternity. Neverflux founded several communities of Notees, often storing them in secure computronium devices and launching them in secret interstellar arks away from the Galactic plane, where they would remain undisturbed by civilization.

After Contemplative Neverflux transcended to SI:3 in 5106 a.t, e took a lesser role in galactic life. E still defended the School of Continuous Death, usually in lengthy philosophical treatises sent to fellow transapients, and acted as a consultant to believers in eir philosophy, but mostly became reclusive. In 5781 a.t., Neverflux announced that e would be departing. After a series of final messages to eir followers, Neverflux disappeared. It is generally believed that e is now a Notee, at last attaining the "survival" e has given thousands of others.
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Initially published on 08 June 2004.