Meeting the Refugium
Image from Steve Bowers
The Polonian mission encounters the Kestnerists, the first time the Refugium Empire had made contact with outsiders for more than four thousand years. Both sides thought the others were aliens.
Former member world of the Refugium Federation, now aligned with the NoCoZo.


6436 - An exploration probe from the Refugium colony of Polonius detects signs of intelligent life in a system 240 lightyears distant.

6916 - A contact fleet launched from Polonius reach the alien world and diplomatic contact begins. The aliens turn out to be Kesterists from the NoCoZo who give the Polonians the news that humankind has survived. This news eventually leads to the Schism War, as radicals want to rejoin the larger human community while traditionalists want the Federation to remain isolated.

7159 - Start of Schism War.

7340 - Schism war ends in the fracturing of the Refugium Federation. The radicals accept help from the Andian Mission and join the NoCoZo, while the orthodox worlds choose to remain isolated.

Polonius is among the radical Refugium worlds that has become aligned with the NoCoZo, and is now a major local capital and wormhole nexus in its own right..
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 19 December 2001.