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Undyoism as a religion is not concerned with the worship of other entities, but about reconnecting the Human mind and soul with the underlying unity of All. All is created by the ultimate cause, the infinite and undefinable Undyo. The Undyo is the source of every universe, every God, every soul and every being.

Undyoism shares some features with Taoism, but lacks the dualistic Yin and Yang aspects, or the idea that the Tao divides into various metaforces (Hence Unity+Dao=Undyo). Unlike Taoists, Undyo believers do not accept the worship of any anthropomorphic gods or prophets, as they believe the idea of one creature bowing down to another - even one with supreme power - is morally wrong.

Also, Undyoists are not as concerned with applying their knowledge to Human health and longevity as the ancient Taoists were (likely due to contemporary technological advances). A fundamental belief is that Humans (and other sentient beings) can connect their minds with those of any other species, anywhere in the universe that has discovered the Truth of Undyo. Whether this actually occurs is an issue of great debate, for Undyoists manage to reveal new secrets or alter the history of the Human Rim just often enough to earn respect and fear from others (see Tahmetian crusades).

Undyoism was one of numerous new religions and cults that arose during the First Federation period. Because of high moral standards, the Undyo faith never had more than a few billion followers, even when it was not being violently persecuted (see militant Humanism; Tahmetianity). Over the centuries the faith never deviated from dignified pacifism; however Undyoists found other ways to protect themselves. The Tahmetian Crusades were undermined in part by Undyo secret societies, who revealed the interstellar conspiracy that created the Tahmetian "prophets".

Undyoism became much more widespread after the first evidence of extinct alien civilizations was discovered. Many Undyo believers congregated on the world of the Meditating Idols to join the supposed 'aliens' in their eternal meditation. Undyoism quickly gained a good reputation and attracted many influential converts, recuiting on different colonies, selecting sincere, calm members who would dedicate their lives to spiritual thought.

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Initially published on 31 July 2000.