Uoagranyu (Gliese 892)

Gliese 892 - minor non-aligned Inner Sphere system.

Image from Steve Bowers

Uoagranyu System - Data Panel

- Distance from Achird: 4.962 ly (J2000), 3.650 ly (10600 AT)
- Distance from Sol: 21.34 ly (J2000)
- Constellation: Cassiopeia
StarNames: Uoagranyu, Gliese 892 (GJ 892), HD 219134, HR 8832
Physical characteristics:
- Mass: 0.696 x Sol
- Radius: 0.726 x Sol
- Temperature: 4,858 Kelvin
- Luminosity: 0.264 x Sol (bolometric)
- Spectral type: K3 V
- Rotation period: 42.2 days
- Age: 11.0 billion years
1) Buso-ura: Videntian AithaliTerrestrial LapiMinervan InunThermal IgneoGaian
Semi-major axis = 0.037 AU, Orbital period = 3.093 days, Eccentricity = 0, Mass = 4.27 x Earth, Radius = 1.500 x Earth
2) Ganwaran: Videntian AithaliTerrestrial LapiRhean CapnoCytherean
Semi-major axis = 0.062 AU, Orbital period = 6.765 days, Eccentricity = 0.062, Mass = 3.96 x Earth, Radius = 1.415 x Earth
3) Fulachin: Videntian TholiNeptunian CereHelian AquaCytherean
Semi-major axis = 0.139 AU, Orbital period = 22.72 days, Eccentricity = 0.148, Mass = 6.63 x Earth, Radius = 3.038 x Earth
4) Achragendin: Videntian TholiNeptunian GeliJotunnian AquaMuspellian
Semi-major axis = 0.225 AU, Orbital period = 46.86 days, Eccentricity = 0.138, Mass = 14.70 x Earth, Radius = 4.025 x Earth
5) Chamvratin: HydroNeptunian GeliJotunnian AquaMuspellian
Semi-major axis = 0.375 AU, Orbital period = 94.2 days, Eccentricity = 0, Mass = 11 x Earth, Radius = 3.598 x Earth
6) Isurasatin: AmmoJovian HydrogeoBarian
Semi-major axis = 3.015 AU, Orbital period = 6.152 years, Eccentricity = 0.06, Mass = 76.6 x Earth, Radius = 8.658 x Earth
Colonised1046, by Surya Interstellar Colonisation Inc. using seedships.

One of the unfortunate bystanders of the Version War was the small regional power of Uoagranyu which was bombed, conquered, and enslaved by both sides in the war in a see-saw campaign in which over 70% of its 300 million inhabitants were slaughtered. When the wormhole was shut down, things got even worse, as relativistic fleets stuck in the outer system for lack of resources made continuous raids on each other and the devastated planet.

The leader of the planet, Tanek Jos, rallied his people, renounced all previous allegiances, declared neutrality, and managed to build up a marginal defensive fleet from the wreckage of the half-dozen various armies that had been left rotting on his planet. Still the enemy fleets jockeyed among themselves for possession of the planet. Suddenly, one of the many autowar squadrons fighting over the system declared itself sentient and aligned itself with the independent "Uoagranyu Free System"--and this squadron turned on its former masters, then each other enemy in turn, driving them out of the system. Many analysts believe that this particular case of a 'rogue' autowar fleet was not caused by mental evolution, but instead the robotic ships were manipulated by Uoagranyu hackers desperate to free their planet from the chaos.

In the aftermath of the war Tanek Jos' UFS became a regional power unaligned with any major empires, protected by its 'allied' squadron of powerful automated warships. The Uoagranyu Free System remains an independent demopoly to this day.

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Development Notes
Text by Aaron Hamilton
Updated data panel by The Astronomer, 2022
Initially published on 08 September 2000.