Vedokiklek Industrial System

Image from Steve Bowers
Several Vedokiklek hive habitats in orbit around the gas giant world Ratakhtona V; a pair of creighterships traverse between them.
Important major mining and industrial base for a number of Vedokiklek hives.

None of the planets (Mercurian and Arean rockballs and several gas giants) have been terraformed, but the abundance of resources make this an ideal site for Vedokiklek construction efforts. Some of the outer orbitals around the eujovian Ratakhtona V constitute a primary industrial center where they construct a wide range of products, such as creighterships and the massive coils for interstellar catapults.

Several large Vedokiklek hives beneath the surface of the moons of Ratakhtona V are engaged in mining and manufacturing; additional resources are obtained from the atmosphere of the gas giant, using scoops and mining balloons. The intense concentration of Vedokiklek manufacturing in this system make it a good example of inter-hive cooperation. Although the concept of a "home world" is meaningless to such a decentralized and independent clade, Ratakhtona is the best approximation of an economic center to the species.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev from original by Kevin Self
Initially published on 22 December 2001.