Symaiote and Symbiote
Gus and Max
Image from Scott Dellinger
Many of the nearbaseline humans of Slade Scrabo have a symaiotic brushbot, which is generally small and flexible enough to wear like a sash or collar

Biont-aioid mutual dependence.

The relationship between a biont entity or entities (such as a human) and an aioid entity or entities can be so mutually dependent that the beings are described as having a symaiotic relationship, and the aioid member(s) in such a relationship is known as a symaiote (or symaiotes). The biont member(s) is known as a symbiote (or symbiotes).

Examples: the Guardian Angel AIs of Eden, the Brushbots of Arkab Prior, the Agents of Proteus.

Symaiote is sometimes shortened to 'symai'; however the word 'symbiote' is rarely shortened in this way.

Also describes a mutual dependence between two (or more) different designs of aioid.
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Initially published on 02 November 2002.