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Baseline African Elephant
Large Terragen mammals, now extensively provolved.

Originally, one of the three species of Proboscideans extant from the Agricultural Age onward; the largest terrestrial mammals to survive the advent of baseline humans on Old Earth. More generally, these and any related lazurogens withing the family Elephantidae, including mammoths. Because of their high natural intelligence they were a target for early provolution projects, and many derived sophont clades exist. They are also the basis for any number of lazurogened proboscideans now found throughout the Terragen Sphere.

The original Old Earth species (African, Indian, and African Forest) of elephants have been retained in a number of habitats and biospheres in their original baseline (presapient) condition, having been reconstructed from genebanks such as the Burning Library Project in the post-Technocalypse period. They are also believed to exist on Earth as well, as several tourists have seen the various species, and they have also been photographed from CisLunar observatories. Lazurogened species of elephants and mammoths, as well as related proboscideans such as mastodons, gomphotheres, stegodonts, deinotheres, and so on can be found in a number of biospheres throughout the galaxy.

Elephant provolves are known as sufants), and form a large group of related clades.

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