Micromastodons, aka M&M's were a pet/food creature generated for use in cold oxygen-atmosphere environments. They had a distinct similarity to their legendary predecessors from ancient Terra's ice ages. They were heavily furred, with prehensile trunks and columnar legs. Unlike their forebears, they were typically between a half-meter and meter high at the withers and lacked tusks. They had been designed as a high-efficiency ice-plankton feeder, and their wastes had been engineered to be highly beneficial to ice plankton.

Unfortunately, someone managed to infest a large portion of the M&M's with a tailored plague that caused complete hair loss over a 24 hour period once triggered, leading to massive deaths amongst the remaining members.

The M&Ms have made several recurrences over the years, yet breeding has been curtailed primarily due to the recurrence of the shedding plague or similar difficulties. There is an active group of baselines and a few su that are looking into these plagues, trying to locate their source with little success.

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Initially published on 10 December 2004.