Ergod Munts
Chaos control arms dealers of Fons Luminis; widespread in the 6400's AT but apparently imploded economically in 6583 AT. The corporation-intelligence (the employees were all linked into an AI-culture constructed by the Church of the Resurrected Ea) announced its withdrawal and dissolution, and disbanded in an ordered manner.

In 6608 AT, the Murmant announced evidence that elements of the Xo La Y, apparently acting under direct orders from a member of the Solaris Divine Order had infiltrated the corporation and psychologically influenced its members in noxious ways. In addition, a team of the Xo La Y had kidnapped and likely assimilated several key individuals of the former Ergod Munts that are now members of the Xo La Y. Despite vigorous denials from the Solar Dominion, several polities (especially those aligned with Cyberia and NoCoZo) began to demand continuous monitoring of the Xo La Y whenever they entered their space.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 24 October 2001.