Murmant, The
The Murmant*
Image from Keith Wigdor and Midjorney AI
The Murmant often adopts a large, impressive avatar form which may fill a significant part of any vessel or habitat which it occupies.
A Keterist transapient entity of uncertain toposophic level. The Murmant is a long-lived entity that acts as a kind of journalist, information miner and complexity manager. It appears to have emerged in the 4400's, but it has changed kind several times making it hard to exactly map. Sometimes it has been an individual high-order distributed aioid, sometimes a cluster of AIs and posthumans, sometimes an institutional framework and occasionally even a trademark. The underlying concepts appear to be very strong, making some keterologists suggest that the Murmant is not strictly a being but rather a projection from the rest of Keterist society: if it does not exist it is re-invented or re-created.

The Murmant is active in most of the information-dense parts of the Inner Sphere and Keterist space. Occasionally it spawns avatars and special-purpose scouts for work in the physical world; they are commonly recognized by their typical Murmant form, a body resembling a giant neuron and a very characteristic pastel colour scheme. Politically it has been strictly neutral, but staunchly pro objective truth. Many of its discoveries and reports (such as the Ayan-4 affair or the truth about the Xo La Y involvement in the disappearance of Ergod Munts) have had drastic consequences for the beings involved.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 08 December 2001.