Large and diverse organization within the Sophic League somewhat analogous to the Solarian Guidance in its operations. Mediation is tasked with maintaining societal cohesion and resolving disputes among the varied and often contradictory philosophies of Sophic society as well as diplomatic contacts with other polities and empires, intertoposophic relations, some aspects of law enforcement, and limited defense issues when circumstances warrant it. Often it is the public face of Sophic government, both internally and externally, and is seen by many as the direct representative (if not a direct extension) of the Divine Sophia/us eirself.
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    Pantheistic or spiritual-materialist mystical, religious, or esoteric path common in the Sophic League, the TRHN, and elsewhere, involving modification of individual consciousness through gnostic drugs. Unlike traditional mysticism, there is little or no emphasis on transcendence of phenomena; indeed a deeper apperception of phenomena is considered the optimal outcome. Some spiritual groups see this as a positive option, others adopt a more neutral or even a negative view of it.
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