Sophic League Mediators
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An agent of mediation. Mediators are drawn from across the Sophic League, from all races, clades, and toposophic levels. They are tasked with carrying out the mandate of Mediation, traveling across the League to mediate arguments and disputes within and between toposophic levels, enforce the laws (often by dealing with the conditions that lead to the breaking of laws in the first place), and representing Sophic interests among the other empires and polities of the Terragen Sphere.

Mediators are chosen from among a large pool of applicants that seek to join Mediation each year. Each applicant is examined directly by a seraiph of the Divine Sophia us, and each new Mediator is chosen based on its decision. Once chosen, each Mediator-in-Training undergoes a combination of intensive virtual and direct neural training and massive augmentation over a period of several months. When completed, each Mediator has been transformed into an optimized member of their particular species, with transavant augmentations into the next S-level above their own in the areas of psychology (individual and group), group dynamics, memetics, debate, and counselling.

Mediators perform a minimum term of service of 500 years although most serve for far longer, generally for periods measured in millennia if not for life. During this time they hold a specific rank depending on the S-level that their transavant augmentations extend into. Thus a Mediator First is a modosophont intelligence with transavant spikes into the first toposophic, a Mediator Second is an S1 transapient with spikes into the second toposophic and so on. Mediators carry out specific duties in accordance with their rank and work with sophonts and issues of a type and complexity best fitted to their rank. If a situation develops that requires intervention by a higher toposophic, a Mediator of the requisite rank is called in and either takes over the operation or advises the Mediator already in charge on the best course of action.

Occasionally a Mediator will ascend to a higher S-level while in service. When this occurs, the Mediator may choose to leave Mediation or continue their term of service. When they choose the latter, the Mediator is again examined by a seraiph of the Sophic archai. If deemed fit to continue as a Mediator, they will undergo additional training commensurate with their new toposophic, be augmented to the next higher level of transavant ability, and continue their service until the end of their term or they choose to leave Mediation.

At any given time, there are perhaps 10 billion Mediators operating within the Sophic League and representing it in other areas.
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Initially published on 23 February 2007.