Proxav, Proxy Avatar

Image from Juan Ochoa

An autonomous proxy avatar of a high toposophic being which manifests as a lower toposophic being, typically at a similar level to the beings it is designed to interface with.

Many S1 transapients use proxavs in their dealings with sapients; in fact, it is unlikely that most sapients would be able to relate to transapients in any other way. Proxavs may resemble ordinary sapients totally, except for a high bandwidth connection with their Greater Self, they may have exceptional powers and abilities, or anything in between. It is not unusual for a transapient that deals with sapients to have hundreds of proxavs, directing or instructing and guiding each one individually. Others prefer to give their proxavs free reign, letting them follow their own judgement and report back.

Some Subtypes

proxai, xai - ai only

proxbiont, Proxont - general biont

proxbot, Proxot - aiod / artificial

proxcyb - cyborg

proxhu, xhu - human-type biont

proxvec, proxec - vec

proxvir, proxir - virtual
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
additions by Michael Boncher
Initially published on 05 November 2004.