Military Theory
The theoretical study of past, present and possible future military operations under a variety of political, geographical, environmental, planetological, and deep space conditions; with various combinations of levels of weapons, technology, toposophic, and so on.

Also includes combined arms, drones, electronic warfare, historical battles and campaigns, infiltration, intelligence gathering, logistics and resources, memetic warfare, morale, theory and application of nanoswarms and khaki goo, reconnaissance, reserves and mobilization, spying, swarm siege warfare, subversion, terrain and weather effects, including altering weather conditions, utility fog, military ai and dedicated hyperturings, archailect weapons, xenosophont warfare and warfare among extinct alien races, all forms of strategic and tactical conflict, including static and maneuver battle, irregular warfare, planetary and orbital assault, the projection of interplanetary and interstellar power, the use of autowars and system control ships, relativistic weapons, the methods and personalities of great commanders; the causes and effects of war, the use of war games and simulations, ascended or high toposophic artifacts which might have military use, archailect attitudes to sapient and transapient conflict, and the use of simulation as an alternative to actual war.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev, from by Robert J. Hall
Initially published on 08 December 2001.