A clade derived from the same research that created the Ireaders, and which first came into existence during the early First Federation period. Going beyond the modifications that created the Ireaders, it gave its recipients not just an instinctive childhood ability to learn written communications, but made that highly efficient childhood learning process a permanent second 'layer' of ability when learning to communicate. One 'layer' is the standard communication ability of a baseline human with the second being effectively the ability to rapidly learn languages possessed by a baby, extended to all perceptible forms of communication and maintained through life, and feeding into the 'adult' layer.

This modification and mode of thought proved to be very useful and very effective. It spread across many of the sophonts of Terragens space with many transapient entities, in particular, having this modification.

Those with this modification have become known as Slinguists, from 'Super-Linguists'.

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Text by Tony Jones
Initially published on 01 August 2004.