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Many races of Kobold live underground on inhospitable planets; for this reason they often wear self-luminous adornments. To protect against falls in high gravity they usually wear knee- and elbow- pads
A clade of high gravity tweaks gengineered for life on the planet Sisyphos. A new (tweaked) clade of humanity was developed for this high gee world; a metre tall and the same wide, they became known as Kobolds to other modosophonts. They are sometimes called gee-gnomes because of their genetic modifications for gravity-tolerance and their short stature.

Since their exile from Sisyphos by Thyratron, Kobolds have migrated to several superterrestrial and chthonian planets throughout the Terragen Sphere, usually but not always preferring high gravity superterrestrial worlds. Despite their short stature, they are strong and hardy and capable of remarkable feats of strength in Earth-like gravity regimes.
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