Maps of the Terragen Sphere

A selection of maps of the Milky Way Galaxy showing the location of the Terragen Sphere and various polities within that region

The Orion Arm and Proximity

Artistic Map
Image from Phil B
An artistic interpretation of the Empires and other volumes within the Orion Arm and environs. Although the borders between the empires are displayed as discrete limits in this interpretation, in practice the various empires merge into one another and change over time as the various systems change allegiance.

Note as well that this two-dimensional representation does not show the full extent of empires which overlay one another - the Red Star M'Pire overlays the much larger Solar Dominion, for instance, and the Mutual Progress Association and the Keter Dominion are similarly stacked one above the other

The Milky Way Galaxy and the location of Known High Energy Emitting Civilisations

Milky Way and HEECs
Image from Steve Bowers

This map shows the various arms of the Milky way galaxy, the extent of the Orion Arm Civilisation and some of the alien High Energy Emission Civilisations which have been detected outside the reach of current exploratory spacecraft.

Please note that the grid is centred on Sol and each square represents ten thousand light years.

The Terragen Sphere as seen from Galactic North

showing the locations of all major star cluster and Outer Volumes Political Regions.

The Terragen Sphere as seen from Galactic North

Map Outer Volumes
Image from Steve Bowers
A Clickable version of this image here (warning: 5.6 megs)

middle regions large
Image from Steve Bowers

A map of the Middle Regions out to three thousand light years in radius
A clickable version of this map can be found here Warning; large file- 2.6 megs

The Middle Regions - Celestia Image

Middle Regions Celestia
Image from Steve Bowers

Another view of the Middle Regions, as seen from a different angle

The Inner Sphere

Inner Sphere
Image from Steve Bowers
The Inner Sphere including Sol; (the direction of galactic north is towards the top of the image);
(click for more detailed image).

Inner Sphere from Galactic North

Inner Sphere from Glactic North
Image from Steve Bowers
Locations in the Inner Sphere, viewed from above the Galactic Plane from Galactic North. Note; the grid has a scale of 10 light years per square

Inner Sphere from another Angle

Inner Sphere - Celestia
Image from Steve Bowers

This view shows the Inner Sphere from a viewpoint above the Galactic plane and to rimward and counterspinwards of Sol. The location of Sol is marked by a red diamond.

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Maps of the Galactic Plane as seen from Old Earth

Political Maps of the Middle Regions in the year 8000 A.T.

These maps corresponds to slices of the galactic plane, separated by planes 200 ly apart. The distance of the camera from Sol is 5000 ly.

Northernmost Slice

Northernmost slice
Image from Anders Sandberg

Northern Middle Slice

Northern Middle Slice
Image from Anders Sandberg

Southern Middle Slice

Southern Middle Slice
Image from Anders Sandberg

Southernmost slice

Southernmost slice
Image from Anders Sandberg

The Big Picture

Shows the Outer volumes and the periphery

The Big Picture
Image from Anders Sandberg

The Galactic Plane

image of the Terragen Sphere from the side

Galactic Plane
Image from Anders Sandberg
Please note- in this map, galactic North is to the bottom- as is the convention in the Communion of Worlds and elsewhere

Star Maps

A series of maps zooming in on the vicinity of Sol in the Orion Arm. The blue-green circles mark 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 200, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 10,000 lightyears from SolSys.

20000 ly - the large structure of the arm and the neighboring Perseus arm (left) and Sagittarius arm (right) can be seen. Eta Carinae is near the lower middle border.
10000 ly
5000 ly
2000 ly - with stars brighter than absolute magnitude -2
1000 ly
50 ly - The core of the Inner Sphere.

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Text by Steve Bowers and Anders Sandberg

Initially published on 01 January 2007.

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