Groundborne Independent Quadrobile (GIQ)

Image from Steve Bowers

Though the basic idea of GIQs date back to the interplanetary age, the Atlantis NanoPatent Organisation claims ownership of the following template, developed in 5832, and improved many times since. The GIQ is part of the standard template package in all ANPO nanofabs. Like many other ANPO products, the GIQ is used by many sub-ultratech polities for its robust and highly reliable design.

The GIQ is a vehicle for ground transport, capable of transporting the owner outside of the regular infrastructure. Combined with the subsophont AI controller, it allows easy and comfortable transport to almost anywhere on a planet surface or superstructure interior, without the hassle and fuel consumption of airborne craft.

The vehicle features four wheels which can move independently of each other, allows the vehicle to drive in any direction or turn on the spot. The capability for vertical movement, combined with the control software, completely eliminates bumps, excepts at high speeds or very bumpy surfaces.

The vehicle is propelled by a Monsoon Flywheel motor, which is charged either by hydrogen combustion or solar energy. This allows it a top speed of 300 km/h on flat surfaces, and a full speed action radius of 7500 kilometers on a full tank before needing any recharging. At lower speeds, the vehicle can drive significantly farther on a full tank. Though the top speed may seem low compared to other forms of conveyance, one must remember that the GIQ is made for use outside of infrastructure, and as an alternative to air transport.

The exterior of the hull can take many different forms, though an aerodynamic form is usually used to retain a proper top speed. The hull can be composed of Pandifico, Smartex, Smart Steel, or any of many other materials. Pandifico is usually preferred for the ability to ensure the survival of passengers as well as vehicle in the event of an unlikely crash.

The interior is fully customizable. The standard configuration features two seats and either a table, or storage cabin. Other popular configurations is the four-seater, holosphere, or full-deck divan.

Though the vehicle is generally controlled by an AI controller, it can be equipped with a holographic control interface, or first federation-style hand controllers, for those who want to control the vehicle with their own hands.

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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 17 June 2008.