Significant Cultural Impacts in the Terragen Sphere

Toul First Contact
Image from Steve Bowers
The sentient ship 'Fortunate Cloud' decelerates into orbit around To'ul'h Prime, prior to first contact with the intelligent species there

Since humanity left Old Earth, some historical events have had a significant impact on culture and custom across all or some of the Terragen sphere. Lists vary according to one's personal and cultural biases, but these include:

First Order (Terragen Sphere)

  • Backyarders, 5th century AT.
  • Technocalypse, 6th century AT
  • Great Expulsion 622 AT
  • First Federation, 946 AT
  • The first Singularity (the attainment of the First Toposophic level) (2nd & following toposophics with diminishing direct impact) on ordinary sophonts. More here.
  • Version War c. 4450 - 4653 AT
  • Earliest distinct nonhuman or posthuman Terragen cultures (subsequent events are second or third order)

Second Order (Regional)

  • Negentropism: First Promulgation of the Precepts, 1965 AT
  • Solarism: First Interface, 2014 AT
  • NoCoZo: Non-Coercion Agreement 1450 AT
  • Sophic League: foundation 2345 AT; also important was the Reformulation of 2752 AT
  • Metasoft: founded 22nd century AT, vec takeover 2344 AT, creation of the Version Tree 2582 AT
  • Keterism: founded at Ain Soph Aur 1788 AT
  • Verifex event: 7434 AT
  • Oracle War 10480 AT
  • Carina Rush beginning 6601 AT
  • Contact with the Muuh, an ancient race with venerable technology
  • Contact with the Meistersingers, a race seemingly in contact with several other galactic cultures
  • First provolves, and AIs, before they developed their own cultures
  • Contact with the To'ul'h (subsequent contacts with lower tech xenosophonts are 3rd order)
  • First Interstellar colonies (particularly Nova and Penglai, and others which went on to found colonies of their own)

Third Order (niche effects or very local effects)

  • Provolution/design of any major clade or a minor exotic clade
  • Invention of the Worldhouse.
  • First Bishop Rings.
  • Defeat of the Conver Ambi.
  • Contact with any lower tech xenosophonts (i.e. Paulans)

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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 28 July 2007.