Pacifican Slang

Slang Words Used on Pacifia (Beta Virginis IV)

BaruubaFC (Floating California) term for something that is utterly absurd, baroque and wasted, but still for some reason likeable. The term later spread to other clades.
Bellboy1) (archaic) Derogatory term for people from Bell Islands, once a mainstream political center.
2) Any unpopular and/or conservative political leadership.
Big SurfA common FC and FC-influenced term for the Utopia Sphere Cetan ISO
BordistSolarian, someone from the Dominion, especially any of the local Solarist clades or Dominion colonial administration (note, unlike its use outsystem, locally this term is almost always derogatory; equivalent to the Pacifican 'godling')
Deep BlueA popular floater and mariner term for the Utopia Sphere Cetan ISO
Discordian(archaic) Ancient Mainstream term for FCs. The original meaning long lost, it is sometimes used now as a poetic compliment. (See related term Discwuzitian).
Dolphin MoneyGeneral term for any in-system enhanced dolphin investments
EcoboxPortable greenhouse producing food to make a zep or ship self-sufficient.
EquatorialsArchaic term for floaters and mariners. Does not have to mean inhabiting the equatorial zone.
FCFloating California
FloaterCulture or clade on the surface of Pacifica that dwells in permanent airborne habitats (Floatcits)
FriendTerm used by the inhabitants of Pacifica for each other.
FloatcitFloating city, zeps or houseboats moving together for a celebration, cooperative fishing, education or just for fun. Among the mainstream the term has connotations of sin and excitement.
Fundies(archaic) Christian conservatives and fundamentalists. Not pejorative.
Ghost HabitatAbandoned habitat, mostly in the Kuiper and Oort belt. Ghost habitats previously owned by Pioneers can be dangerous due to booby traps and defences left behind.
GodlingA Pacifican term, originally a disparaging term for the fundies, later applied to anyone who follows an ecclesiastic religion (e.g. Universalists, Umma, Dominion).
Great Whale, TheA popular term for the Utopia Sphere Cetan ISO
GreenzepZeppelin with a double transparent membrane, pumping an algae solution in the interstitial space. The algae grow in the sunlight, producing protein and methane that can be used to fuel the zep.
HullAffectionate term for one's boat. Space-going Pacificans also use it to refer to their ship.
HwissanFloater and mariner term for a enhanced dolphin, regardless of whether they come from Hwsii or not.
HypercaneSuper-hurricanes that persist for a long time, circling the planet. The original term denoted supersonic hurricanes; such phenomena do not exist on Pacifica at present, thanks to Utility Fog weather control.
Jess DebacleHistorically, the failed attempt by mainstream President Jess to force FC into the fold. Later become a term for ill-advised projects that get the opposite result from the intended. Also 'Jesshead' 'Do a Jess', 'Jess it', 'Jessgate it' etc.
LibLiberty, the old mainstream NA capital, site of the Pacifica Uprising, now a quaint holiday town.
MarinerAny aquatic clade on Pacifica, or space habitat descendants thereof.
Mighty SongThe dolphin term for the Utopia Sphere Cetan ISO.
NaNew America Clade State, located in Franklin orbit.
OrbitalOrbital habitats or space stations.
PoseidonA popular term among some more strongly modified mariners and some cyborg floaters for the Utopia Sphere Cetan ISO.
s tushyHistorical conservative's slang for something truly cool. Generally used in a mocking way by Pacificans.
RelativesFC term for floaters, mariners, or technorats not in FC.
RockyOriginally someone from the Rockies, suggesting a boring mainstream person. Later the term came to have the completely unrelated meaning of someone who lives on or in an asteroid or kuiper body.
Salt breathLung disease, making the throat and lungs dry and 'salty'. Easily treated.
SchoolGroup of Friends moving together.
TechnoratsInfluential orbital and out-system cyborg clade/culture.
Temperates(archaic) The Mainstream, conservative Technorats and Fundies, as opposed to floaters and mariners. Someone who is out of date or out of touch with current events.
UnderwavePersonal four-seat submarine.
YurgPopular energetic and erotic dance of floater origin.
ZoundsNickname for the Pacifica space marines.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 03 January 2001.