Fear of open and/or natural environments, such as planetary surfaces.

In this age of space stations, interstellar vessels and virchs, there are plenty of places that lack a normal climate. Those who are affected by agoravexia are mostly those people who has either never experienced normal climate, though in some cases people who has been away for a long span of time are also affected.

Agoravexians suffers from a distinct feeling that something is wrong, when subject to some perfectly ordinary climatic phenomenon. The chief three phenomenon are: rain, wind and sunlight, though other phenomena exist as well. While the principles behind rain, wind, and landscape-spanning sunlight is perfectly understandable for the agoravexian, eir psych reacts to these phenomena without visible source with the aforementioned feeling of wrongness. This can range from a quiet, nagging feeling, to one of all-encompassing surreality. However, the term agoravexia doesn't cover the circumstances where a being may show any actual fear. Cenophobia or agoraphobia cover those afflictions.
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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 16 July 2008.