Neovingean University, The
The Neovingean University (no relationship to the first federation school of toposophic analysis) is a virtual organisation of archaiologists, and not an actual institute of learning. Funded in 3556 a.t. by the three siblings Arkan, Profian, and Pronten Thor, the University was little more than a site on the local intrasystem net of the Logan's Run system, where the brothers posted their findings on traveling the early wormhole network. As time went by, other locals with the same interests joined the site, and their activities slowly expanded, but the University was still a very informal organization. It was during this time that they coined the title archaiologists for what they did. In 4145 a.t. the University managed to get bandwidth on the Known Net, and suddenly the membership exploded as departments spontaneously popped up in dozens of systems. A large number of the new members launched gung-ho investigations, coming into conflict with local authorities and buzzing their local ISOs and megabrains. The Thors spent the next two years organizing a new leadership for the organization as well as setting down a list of rules. Those who could not abide by the rules, were kicked out, though some founded their own organizations, and some even kept the University's name. But the true Neovingean University saved a lot of face by its quick reaction, which later helped in communications with transapients.

Each department gained a department head, the person responsible for maintaining a house for any University members passing through, and upholding the rules of the University. The department head is required to stay in-system to dispense his responsibilities, so the position tends to pass on every dozen years or so, when the head decides that he wants to do some proper field work. All department heads together form the University Council and decide together on the longtime, large-scale projects of the University. In Logan's Run, a twelve-member committee handles short-term emergency decisions which require the attention of all departments. The Thors designated themselves Founders, and gave themselves veto rights on any decision, and later the ability to nominate anyone else a Founder. Though Arkan, Profian and Pronten are all dead, the Thors have generally passed down the Founder title along line of family members who became archaiologists themselves. Currently there are 1764 departments, with memberships ranging from three to three thousand members. There are forty two Founders, most prominent of who are Grenden Thor, Lildel Thor and Arent of Mars.
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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 16 July 2008.