Mu Capricorni

Mu Capricornis
Image from Steve Bowers
The four arean-type worlds of the Mu Capricorni system, with the terraformed world Pme chemu fus on the far left

Mu Capricorni - Data Panel

SystemMu Capricorni
Region:Inner Sphere.
Distance from Sol:90.2 light years.
Stellar Type:F1 IV
Mass:2E27 kg
Diameter:1.8 solar
Luminosity:6.1 sol.
PlanetsOriginally 4 Arean type planets and 3 Jovians of various subtypes, the last Arean, Pme chemu fus, was terraformed in the late 4000s, and the gas giants have been dismantled and converted into a Dyson Swarm
Dyson swarm orbital radius:1.9 a.u. average
AI overseer:Jolgru, a S:3 Yas Om.
s Ethos:altruistic and anti-authoritarian.
s Current allegiance:Keter Dominion
Affiliation:Keter dominion
Founded: The first colonists arrived in the Late First Federation Era, while the Yas Om arrived during the Integration, around 4280 A.T
Major Orbitals:extensive development of Bishop Rings and Orwoods
Psyche, Art, CultureMetapsychology and Metaethics: Keterist, Caretakerist, and Negentropic philosophies are common.

Language: Local pidgin of standard Anglish, Arabic, and Edenese.

Aesthetics/Architecture/Style: a combination of the Keterist, Arabic/Greek, and Yas Om styles.
Territory and PopulationPopulation: 4E11 embodied entities, 60% Cyborg, 15% Nearbaseline, 25% aioid.
TravelStargates: 2, 1 to Psi Capricorni, and 1 to Delta Capricorni.

Spaceports: ubiquitous in Dyson swarm, many in orbit of Pme chemu fus.

Hazard rating: 0.0 to 0.5

Visa Restrictions: none

Freedom of Movement: full access to public areas, for private areas it depends on the owners.

Colonized in the Late First Federation era by various Nearbaseline clades, most notably members of radical Sufi sects. Mu Capricorni later attracted colonists from neighboring systems such as Ain Soph Aur and the Yas Om. Memetic engineering eased the subsequent tensions, and Keterists brought the system into the fold with promises of economic success which were more or less fulfilled.

The system was ravaged in the Version war and most of the Nearbaseline habitats were destroyed. Afterwards the Yas Om transapient Jolgru collected the system and fully integrated it into Keter society.

Today the system is mostly artificial. The Jovians have been converted into the dyson swarm that surrounds the star and the Mars-like world Pme chemu fus has been fully terraformed, mostly as a tourist destination.

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Text by A. C. Maté
Initially published on 16 November 2006.