Digital Noise
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Colloquial term for the transapient ability to perceive and comprehend patterns, connections, and multi-variable processes to a degree far beyond the ability of modosophont minds. Using oversight, transapients can easily detect patterns in seemingly random images or unrelated events, and perceive and understand the operations and interrelationships of even exceedingly complex processes.

While chaos theory and some other variables place ultimate limits on the ability in some circumstances, oversight seems to scale with S-level until at S3 or higher, entire ecosystems or interstellar societies may be comprehended "at a glance" (although at this level, the amount of sensory input and data processing involved in even a "glance" may exceed that possessed by an entire system population). What form oversight takes, or if there is anything for it to "see" at the level of the highest archai minds is a subject of vigorous debate in some circles.

It is generally believed that oversight plays a role in transapient memetic capacities as well. The ability to see patterns in the behavior of modosophonts and other entities allows a transapient to subtly influence them using ideas and cultural factors.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 29 June 2009.