Fasting Lifestyle, The

Aphagy - bionts who avoid the ingestion of food

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The Fasting Lifestyle is the goal of the self-styled Fasters, a subculture of humans, or occasionally bionts of other clades, whose goal is to obtain all their energy and organic compounds through internal technologies and thereby avoid eating. Traditional fasters seek to maintain their original appearance and range of activities; the radical tweaks to internal anatomy and physiology and the advanced nanotech devices required to maintain this must therefore be subtle and unobtrusive. Fads for this mode of existence have arisen periodically ever since technologies allowing an approximation of the ideal became available. According to faster lore, the ultimate achievement would be to live on nothing more than water and the output of an internal fusion plant.

The following is a sample of a typical faster tract:
The average person wastes at least an hour daily just on ruminating! Bored with munching your muesli? Become a Faster!

Thousands of years ago, with the advances of gengineering and nanotechnology, it became optional for a human or near-human to eat at all. A matter of taste, so to say. :-) Fasters obtain all their energy and organic compounds through the nano inside their bodies.

Since pre-singularity times, humanity has dreamt of not needing to eat and happy life without shoving lots of dead organics into their mouths. Unfortunately, living off sunlight is impossible. No matter how sophisticated the technology or the biomods or gengineering, the human body surface is so small that sunlight falling onto it simply will not carry enough energy for living. Greenists of ancient pre-Technocalypse times bypassed this by utilising greenhouse-type biospheres. Another option is to have a patch on your skin adapted for absorbing hard radiation, like the well known nuke tattoo.

But forget about those niche maniacs! Modern faster lifestyle is healthy, attractive and practical! Nanobiotech inside the faster body absorbs inorganic compounds from the air and atmospheric dust. Oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are all turned into organic compounds and built into the body. The person needs only to eat a limited number of trace minerals, and, in cases of dehydration, some water.

As a faster you, naturally, can eat if you want: for pleasure, in social gatherings and so on. However, a warning - a happy nearbaseline who lived long without any food can experience a sudden sensation when eir stomach receives first load in months. I once had a romantic dinner nearly ruined when my system reacted unexpectedly to simple atlantis crunchies. Thankfully, sophisticated nano solved the problem almost as soon as it appeared.

Necessary energy can be obtained by many means. Transporter nano supplies energy to all nano within a person's body. A common method is to have an energy-exchanging unit built into a surface which you touch frequently - clothing, bed, furniture, computer console etc. Fastman Shoes are a popular example, worn even by non-fasters. Another arrangement is to have an ultratech miniaturised fusion reactor using a fraction of the air you breathe. Energy is obtained from fusing atoms of the light elements in the air. The final product, produced at the end of a chain of fusion reactions, are iron atoms, which are expelled from the body. Because each reaction in this chain gives less return of energy than the one before it, most fusion chains are for the sake of efficiency cut off early. However radical Fastmen prefer to extract every last erg. This has given origin to a popular exclamation "you rustshitter!", which means about the same as the old early interplanetary "you lucky bastard"!

For those with access to transapientech, and/or who are very affluent, more sophisticated technologies are possible. These include using conversion technology to convert matter to energy and generate a stream of energy-loaded molecules for a person's body.

As you might already have guessed, fasters are frequently wealthy, trendy, interesting persons. Fed up with eating? Compassionate about poor food organisms? Then why not become a faster yourself!
      — From "Galaxy On A Holiday", Wega Press 36789 L.T.

The "rustshitter" goal has been a feature of every known recurrence of the fastman lifestyle to date. Even the most advanced transapientech does not actually allow fusion or conversion reactors of such small size, or for that matter reactors that can operate so close to standard biont tissues without producing health problems due to particle radiation, but this does not seem to deter enthusiasts, for whom becoming a "rustshitter" is something of a holy grail. In reality fasters resort to a host of more practical technologies such as fastman shoes.

The faster lifestyle is regarded by some as a form of sarcophobia. Those outside the fastman community often speculate as to the origin of the faster memeplex and the motives of whatever agency sustains and propagates it, but no single author or sponsor of the faster lifestyle has yet been identified.
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Initially published on 16 February 2004.