Kockengen, Clade
Image from Steve Bowers
An ancient polysomatic clade with its origins in the Technocalypse period.

Members of this clade consist of a small O'Neill hab, its core ai, and the aggregate minds of its population of cyborged ajudante agrimonkeys. All are descendants of the Kockengen resort hab, a subturingrade habmind that succumbed to the effects of the Satanic Imp virus. Kockengen hab was unable to restore self control in time to save jer human clients, but managed to repair jerself, and achieved sophonce at some point during the subsequent Dark Ages. Je revealed jerself in the early years of the First Federation, and later went on to found a small clade.

To this day, Kockengens have a strong tendency to work in the personal services field. Some host simple pleasure resorts, while others are counsellors or administrators or work as mediators. Many have joined the Utopia Sphere or the Communion of Worlds, but they are widespread through the Civilized Galaxy.
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Text by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 12 October 2009.