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The Mabugana starts its long journey to Epsilon Eridani

The Mabugana Union was a Solsys Golden Age habitat with a culture heavily influenced by Japanese and West African-descended groups as well as Martian culture, and keenly interested in experimental economic systems involving AI and collective ownership. The habitat was partially responsible for funding the construction of the colony ship Mabugana which departed to Epsilon Eridani just before the Technocalypse.

The erosion of nation states relative to transnational corporations, supranational unions, and other organizations during the late Interplanetary Age was extremely politically controversial, with many Japanese, Nigerian, and other West African descended emigrants making an exodus to the so-called Freedom Ship Biospheres around Mars, among many other places. The largest of these orbitals, often habitats 30 km in length, contained a cosmopolitan mix (by the standards of the day) of not only baselines but also cyborgs, tweaks, nearbaselines, uploads, and aioids, all with strong views.

There were also a number of smaller, less celebrated cultures and organizations, some only recently discovered thanks to the Database Archaeologists of the Alexandria Institute. Examples include the First Megachurch of Shinto, the Okorafor Cooperative, and the Martian Nisei Union which joined into alliance with the New Ghanaian Union in order to fund the interstellar colony mission.

Departure for Epsilon Eridani

Seeking to expand, and looking to the nearby and material-rich Ran (Epsilon Eridani) system about 10.5 light years from Earth, over the next fifteen years the Mabugana Union funded the construction of an amat/fusion colony ship (itself named the Mabugana). During the final 2 years prior to launch, a number of habitat architecture expert systems and ecodesign specialists were added from the Mars terraforming project as telescopic analysis confirmed that several planets in the system could be viable candidates for terraforming. A number of missions were already en-route to this system, so they would not be alone when they got there.

The Mabugana's launch was in 533, a few decades prior to the Technocalypse, news of which arrived en route and later confirmed the colonists' fears of impending societal and technological collapse in Solsys.

The colonists were placed into cryostasis for the long journey, the ship maintained by expert systems and robots. The ship arrived in 675 AT, and after some initial difficulties the Mabuganian colonists became an important factor in the history of that system.

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