Shenjing (Sigma Draconis) System

The former capital of the Penglai Evolution

Quinlong and Penglai
Image from Steve Bowers
Quinlong and its terraformed moon Penglai

Shenjing (Sigma Draconis) System - Galactography

StarNames: Sigma Draconis, Alsafi, Qilin, Shenjing System
Mass: 1.690E+30 kg (0.85 x Sol)
Radius: 523,232 km (0.752 x Sol)
Luminosity: 0.450 x Sol (bolometric)
Temperature: 5,451 Kelvin
Spectral type: K0V
Age: 3 billion years
Distance from Sol: 19.842 ly (epoch (10600 AT): 18.81 ly (2000 epoch)
Planets: 5
Region: Inner Sphere

Qinglong (the Azure Dragon of the East)

Qinglong Penglai Daiyu
Image from Radtech497
Penglai before terraforming, with Qinglong in the background
QinglongOrbital characteristics: - Semi-major axis: 126,560,000 km (0.846 AU)
- Period: 308 days (0.843 Julian years)
Physical characteristics:
- Type: Aquean MesoNeptunian
- Mass: 7.167E+25 kg
- Radius: 20,937.3 km
- Density: 1,864 kg/m^3
- Gravitational acceleration: 10.911 m/s^2 (1.112 g)
- Rotation period: 68,886 s (19.14 hr)
- Obliquity: 28.03°
- Albedo: 0.753
- Average surface temperature: 203 K
1) Penglai: Type = EuGaian, Semi-major axis = 730,121 km, Orbital period = 20.652 days, Eccentricity = 2.285e-5, Inclination = 156.826°, Mass = 6.417E+23 kg, Radius = 3,412.3 km, Albedo = 0.340
Lagrangian points:
- L1: Magshield
- L3: The Hidden Node
- L4: Meng node
- L5: Zhang node
Mostly Sophic League (including Penglai), with some Zoefic, Solarist, Fomac, and Metasoft presence in orbit. The planetary atmosphere deep below the top clouds has an extensive ecosystem, where many of its creatures host descendants of Advection of Pure Drylines. The Meng node is aligned with the Fomalhaut Acquisition Society, while the Zhang node is largely independent. Curiously, the L3 node is occupied by a single mysterious structure known as the Hidden Structure, which appears to be occupied by an S2 uncommunicative transapient. Surrounding it is a dense restriction swarm.

Zhuque (The Red Bird of the South)

Image from The Astronomer
Zhuque, an ammonia-rich Neptunian type world
ZhuqueOrbital characteristics:
- Semi-major axis: 546,481,000 km (3.653 AU)
- Period: 7.573 Julian years
- Eccentricity: 0.073
Physical characteristics:
- Type: Ammonian MesoNeptunian.
- Mass: 1.652E+26 kg
- Radius: 29,035.6 km
- Density: 1,611 kg/m^3
- Gravitational acceleration: 13.078 m/s^2 (1.333 g)
- Rotation period: 52,988 s (14.72 hr)
- Obliquity: 18.53°
- Albedo: 0.448
- Average surface temperature: 148 K
1) Fangzhang: Type = LithicGelidean, Semi-major axis = 283,305 km, Orbital period = 3.302 days, Eccentricity = 0.0041, Inclination = 0.040°, Mass = 2.201E+22 kg, Radius = 1,293.7 km, Albedo = 0.398
2) Yingzhou: Type = LithicGelidean, Semi-major axis = 449,701 km, Orbital period = 6.604 days, Eccentricity = 0.0101, Inclination = 0.047°, Mass = 1.101E+22 kg, Radius = 1,025.4 km, Albedo = 0.164
Lagrangian points:
- L4: Ling node
- L5: Guang node
Cosmopolitan, with almost all empires and many major Houses and groups like the Mirrored Owls, but the Keter Dominion and the Sophic League attracted a large number of the polities around this planet. Fangzhang is mainly Federationist, while Yingzhou is home to several polities aligned with the Silicon Generation and others independent. Since the 7000s, the Sophic League, Metasoft, and the Utopia Sphere had been dominating both Ling and Guang nodes, but for the last thousand years, the Stella Umma from the nearby Jinvanco system had been carving its presence here as well.

Baihu (The White Tiger of the West)

Image from The Astronomer
BaihuOrbital characteristics:
- Semi-major axis: 900,130,000 km (6.017 AU)
- Period: 16.008 Julian years
- Eccentricity: 0.127
Physical characteristics:
- Type: Ammonian MesoNeptunian
- Mass: 9.704E+25 kg
- Radius: 25,392.9 km
- Density: 1,415 kg/m^3
- Gravitational acceleration: 10.044 m/s^2 (1.024 g)
- Rotation period: 39,931 s (11.09 hr)
- Obliquity: 27.76°
- Albedo: 0.364
- Average surface temperature: 112 K
1) Daiyu: Type = NeoPanthalassic (engineered waterworld), Semi-major axis = 289,604 km, Orbital period = 4.453 days, Eccentricity = 0.00024, Inclination = 0.020°, Mass = 2.215E+22 kg, Radius = 1,292.6 km, Albedo = 0.274
Lagrangian points:
- L4: Jian node
- L5: Bing node
Mainly Zoefic and Sophic, with a large unaligned fraction. The planetary atmosphere is home to many groups, including the Mirrored Owls. Daiyu is split between dozens of marine nations with diverse alignments. Many Great Houses, including the Genens, have representatives in the Jian node, as well as the Cyberians and the MPA, while the Bing node is aligned with both the TRHN and the Keter Dominion.

Xuanwu (the Black Turtle of the North)

Image from The Astronomer
XuanwuOrbital characteristics:
- Semi-major axis: 2,254,590,000 km (15.07 AU)
- Period: 63.46 Julian years
- Eccentricity: 0.147
Physical characteristics - Type: CryoAzurian SubNeptunian
- Mass: 1.849E+25 kg
- Radius: 12,163.8 km
- Density: 2,453 kg/m^3
- Gravitational acceleration: 8.340 m/s^2 (0.850 g)
- Rotation period: 65,797 s (18.28 hr)
- Obliquity: 56.39°
- Albedo: 0.337
- Average surface temperature: 85 K
Satellites 1) Yuanjiao: Type = LithicGelidean, Semi-major axis = 314,930 km, Orbital period = 11.57 days, Eccentricity = 0.0007, Inclination = 0.285°, Mass = 1.651E+22 kg, Radius = 1,154.5 km, Albedo = 0.595
Lagrangian points:
- L4: Zhi node
- L5: Ming node
Allegiance: Xuanwu, much its environs, and both its Lagrange nodes are all dominated by the Keter Dominion, with large Deeper Covenant communities in orbit and on various smaller satellites. Yuanjiao is aligned with the Negentropy Alliance.

Shenjing system -Polity

Polity, Government, and AdministrationPolities: A total of 2,678 independent polities exist in the Shenjing system, ranging from habitats to entire planetary systems. The largest polities are the Zhuque Confederation and the Qinglong Administration.
Affiliation: Sophic, Zoeific, Keterist, and non-aligned orientations are common, while every other major Sephirotic empires except the Caretaker Gods have smaller, but still significant presences.
Population Demographics:
Population: 5.037 trillion
TravelBeamrider Routes:
Macrocosmic Orbit (includes Tau Ceti and a number of other Old Core systems, 0.5c, 195-year cycle)
Microcosmic Orbit (includes some local brown dwarfs, 0.5c, 125-year cycle)
The Local Loop (includes a number of Old Core systems, 0.5c, 156-year cycle)
The Brain Trust (includes some brown dwarfs and a few diamond belt systems, 0.5c, 175-year cycle)
The Spaceway Compact (includes a number of brown dwarfs and some Old Core systems, 0.5c, 168-year cycle)

Jade Gate (2,400 m) to Aksijaha.

Major Spaceports:
Michael Qian Ganymede National Spaceport (Penglai) and the Macros Docks (Daiyu) are the largest of several excellent spaceports that service the system
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