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Ghost Net 1
Image from Bernd Helfert
Welcome to the Ghost Net.

That u-fog has a lot of spare processing power, even when one of 'em is running a dozen people at once. What's it all being used for? Who is it being used for, who's running on it? I'm betting that every single one of 'em is a local node for a transap that even they don't know about...

You nullbrain, the slimies are made of fog, not computers - not one of them's got enough hardware to run one fully sentient mind, never mind a dozen.

You're both idiots. It's not the hardware, it's the software. They've got enough to run their own minds, and a little more. They don't run full emulations of other people, most of the emulation uses the same runcode as the main mind, and only the surface thoughts are different.

I can't believe I'm hearing all of this. Isn't it obvious that every Sooner is really an S1, running S1 hardware, that's just using its S0 minds as a cover?

That first poster had it right about the extra capacity - he just got the reason wrong. It's not for running a transap, it's redundancy, so that they can avoid disruption in ufog vs ufog combat. The perfect little soldiers, infiltrating our habitats, looking like us, acting like us... even your neighbour could be one without you knowing!

That's a load of krek - they can only fool baseline senses. Any decent sensor array can tell the difference between cells and cytobots.

Oh, such naivete. Why do you think they've got cytobots and cells?

What was the Sumatran Rodent Incident?

Oh, you don't want to know that. Besides, I'm feeling much better now.

For sale: Soon-Eh in bottle, with key.

Don't buy! The key's not the real one, the Soon-Eh can do whatever it wants as soon as you let it out!

A+++. Would buy from again. Told my Soon-Eh to make a copy of itself - now I've got two, and have one to sell myself.

Told my Soon-Eh to turn itself into my [untranslated]. You wouldn't believe the fun you can have with a ufog [untranslated]...

For sale: Soon-Eh in bottle, with key, formerly a biont with a Soon-Eh [untranslated]. -- Former [untranslated] Soon-Eh
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Text by Daniel Eliot Boese
Initially published on 18 July 2010.