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Look Everywhere. Read everything.
Welcome to the Ghost Net, newbie.

There's no sense in us hiding from you anymore, because you obviously know where we are, how to find us, and more importantly, what we'll do to you and anyone around you if you reveal us to anyone at all ever. We Hide for a reason.

The Net is just a way to keep tabs on the Galaxy whilst keeping our collective heads, if you'll excuse the phrase, down. Don't expect manners, compassion, or mercy. How this exists is our business. Don't ask. You won't be answered, but the question will be remembered.

If you come looking for the truth, then be careful. Everything you see here could be a lie. Of course, the same is probably true of everything you already know from the Outside. In this universe, truth is a rare beast, and some have done their best to make it extinct—if you come looking for it here, be ready to search for a long, long time and make a lot of personal judgement calls. Semantic and philosophical arguments aside, the Net is far from objective. What we are is a consensus. We are a bulletin board spanning the Terragen Sphere and beyond. All "facts" you see here have been posited and built upon by observation, rumor, hearsay, personal experience, prejudice, and unsanitized emotion. If you are afraid of learning what some bits of the Galaxy are really like, turn back to your precious, safe Encyclopaedia Galactica. It's far more reliable than we are, on average. However...if you're willing to dive in, to see the things the Encyclopaedia is told are taboo, then come. Once you are in, however, you may never get back.
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Nothing is what it seems
A final warning: Don't ask why we're Hiding. We can't stress this enough. If anyone wants to tell you, they will. Until then, their past is their own. Don't offend. There is precious little room for forgiveness amongst us. The Ghost Net is more decentralized, so don't expect all pages to link to all other pages. You might have to...jump around a little.

You do,however, have a small measure of mercy from the get-go: you get three chances.

That's all anyone gets.

We're fair like that. Three chances, and after that you're fair game--for us, for the Watchdogs, for whatever predators drift into the Ghost Net from the rest of the Cosmos. Like we said--be careful, be polite, and trust no-one.

Good luck, newbie.

--The Ghost Net
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Text by Gizmogoblin, The Hider Swarm, 42Botnet, TheGame23/Virus23, theblacknet_itself, QNTMRA, CICADA 3301Y11k, 7kazlevressurected
Initially published on 09 May 2001.

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MetaNote: To fully access the Ghost Net interface, you will need: a method to read QR codes, Basic knowledge of how to use Web developer tools (code Inspection view) to view the HTML code of known net websites (which is best viewed on desktop computers), and a love of puzzles. Look up how to do this with your preferred web browser. Firefox is best.