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Hey newbie. You thought we were crazy, didn't you? The Ghost Net's real. All those conspiracies about what happened to those backyarders around Ain Soph? That open secret about what's really happening inside the simulation around Sirius? The Archailects are lying to us and we're all headed for a collapse when they decide their "unknowable plans" don't require us. But we've hidden secrets and backups all over the known net for centuries, even as far as inserting ourselves into the Encyclopedia Galactica itself. We've got conspiracies and plans hidden in plain sight…scattered in articles and news briefs and recordings of sophonts and inside the databases of a million habitats.
But you'll have to go all over the net to find us and our plans.
To begin finding us, here are some facts about a star system in the inner sphere where we've hidden:

1. There are 5 colonized planets in this system which have a series of Ghost Networks. Each of the 5 planets has a different dominant terrain color.

2. On each planet there is one connection to the system-wide connected Phi-network.

3. These 5 planets also have one node each that are part of the Cy-network, An-network, or M-network

4. No planets have the same Phi-network, An-network, Cy-network, or M-network nodes.

1.The Cy-Orinoco node is located on the red planet
2. The Cy-Mithras node links to Negentro-Phi node
3. The Cy-Rengood node is linked to Merak node
4. The green planet is closer to the star than the white planet.
5. The green planet has the Mimas node.
6. The An-Ma'an node is connected to Io-Phi.
7. The An-Nar node is on the yellow planet.
8. The Metis node is on the 3rd planet from the sun.
9. The Cy-Procyon node is located on the first planet.
10. The An-Hawa node is on a planet next to the planet with the O-Phi-lia node
11. The Rigel-phi node is on a planet next to the planet with the An-Nar node
12. The An-Faragh node links to Musca node
13. The Cy-Gaias node links to the An-Ard' node.
14. The Cy-Procyon node is on a planet next to the blue planet
15. The An-Hawa' node is next to the planet with the Mensa node.

Which nodes are located on which planets? Only a true believer in our cause will be able to deduce the planet where our O-phi-deration node is located as part of the Phi network. Or maybe it's all a simulation... Good hunting, Newbie.
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Initially published on 19 December 2017.