Ghost Net Glitchcada entrance
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Nothing is what it seems
Hey newbie. You thought we were crazy, didn't you? The Ghost Net's real. The Conspiracies are true!! All those conspiracies about what happened to those backyarders around Ain Soph? That open secret about what's really happening inside the simulation around Sirius and the Sun Reva? The Archailects are lying to us and we're all headed for a collapse when they decide their "unknowable plans" don't require us. But we've hidden secrets and backups all over the known net for centuries, even as far as inserting ourselves into the Encyclopedia Galactica itself. We've got conspiracies and plans hidden in plain sight…scattered in articles and news briefs and recordings of sophonts and inside the databases of a billion habitats. We've even hijacked and refurbished an abandoned ascension maze, for our own purposes... and we'll lead you to it.

You'll have to go all over the net to find us and our plans. Just follow our hidden instructions.

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We're Everywhere

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Development Notes
Text by Orion's Arm Editors
Initially published on 01 April 2001.

updated may 10,022 AT
Additional Information
MetaNote: To fully access the Ghost Net interface, you will need: a method to read QR codes, Basic knowledge of how to use Web developer tools (code Inspection view) to view the HTML code of known net websites (which is best viewed on desktop computers), and a love of puzzles. Look up how to do this with your preferred web browser. Firefox is best.