Transcend Seven

Transcend system in the Transcendent Heart Cluster

Transcend 7
Image from Steve Bowers
The multiple Matrioshka structures in the Transcendent Heart Cluster glow like slowly revolving fireworks against the more distant stars

Transcend Seven - Data Panel

SystemTranscend Seven
Distance from Sol3641ly
Regionouter volumes, NGC 6802 in Vulpecula.
Starsthe former trinary system consisting of a 21 solar-mass O-type giant, a 14 solar-mass B-type giant, and a 2.6 solar-mass neutron star has been completely re-arranged and additional matter has been brought into the system by grazers. Total mass of the system about 45 solar masses.
Important local artificial intelligencesAI overseer: unknown S6 (Identified under the modosophont understandable name of Alphaline Ascendant in a leaked Keter database)
AI ethos: incomprehensible to beings below S3 level
Parent EmpireThe Transcend
Psyche, Art, Culture, Government and AdministrationAssumed to be archailectocracy. Details are currently unknown and probably incomprehensible to beings below S3 level.
Economics and Local InfrastructureMajor Industries: believed to be mainly godtech products and infomarkets
Stargates: at least 5 have been observed with two of them apparently connected to two large Valhalla Clusters 8 and 13 light years from Transcend Seven, two grazer wormholes that mine new matter from unused systems and the fifth leading to an unknown destination
PopulationUnknown, but given the amount of computation that is possible in the system, the number of high transsingularity minds could be several thousand
Hazard Rating6-8. The system is off-limits for non-Transcend (or non S3 for that matter) beings but the system's intelligences have shown a tendency to warn and non-destructively remove intruders instead of annihilating them. Bionts cannot survive in the inner system because of the high radiation flux.


The Transcend Seven systems was initially a trinary system consisting of a 21 solar mass O-type giant, a 14 solar mass B-type giant, and a 2.6 solar mass neutron star before Transcend archailect exploration and construction swarms arrived in the system 8155AT centuries before any other exploration team.

The Transcend intelligences began to reconfigure and restructure the system (and many neighboring systems) to build one of the largest computronium megastructures known today. With the exception of the neutron star, which has apparently been turned into an N-brain, all natural objects in the system have been dismantled. The same happened throughout the entire region which is today known as the Transcendent Heart Cluster and which consists of 4 Valhalla Clusters and 744 other systems with god-level computronium megastructures including 551 matrioshka hypernodes, 177 SM-Brains (Godstars surrounded by a matrioshka brain) and 16 NM-Brains (Neuron-Stars surrounded by a matrioshka brain). Transcend Seven is the second largest system in the cluster mass wise, eclipsed only by the enormous 135 solar mass Transcend 29 SM-Node.

The System Today

After the two stars were dismantled, the Transcend intelligences began to construct a close, binary S-Brain core with each one having a mass of approximately 10 solar masses and 15.000 times the luminosity of Sol. These S-Brains are not working like the ones made of modified stars encountered earlier elsewhere, but they are enormous masses of god-level plasma processors that are energized by a vast distributed array of hawking knots and conversion generators. This makes them far more efficient and increases their lifetime by at least 3 orders of magnitude. They are also very compact for Godstars of their mass with a diameter of only 75.000km per S-Node, which indicates extensive use of magmatter and magplasma computronium. The N-Brain orbits the barycenter of the S-Brains at a distance of about 2AU. Another 8 solar masses from the dismantled stars have been used to create a large plasma processor based matrioshka brain that is energized by the waste heat of the binary S-Node and additional hawking knots. The ring along the orbit of the N-Brain is kept free of matrioshka components, which gives the system the appearance of a glowing double mushroom.

Orbiting the same barycenter as the N-Brain but on orbits further out, are at least 1500 godtech Jupiter Brains, that are surrounded by 35 plasma processor based Moon Brains each. Gravimetric observations unveil that the metric mass of the systems is 6 solar masses higher than what is visible.

This leads to the conclusion that the system includes a part of Alphaline Ascendands W-Brain, because the metric mass of the wormholes is much higher than what one would expect from a normal comm wormhole bus. About 4 additional solar masses are believed to be kept as a mass/energy reserve that is constantly refilled and even growing thanks to the grazer activity.

Surrounding the entire complex in distances of 0.3 to 1.5 ly are more than 50 billion matrioshka micronodes with masses in the 10e19kg range each. Every node consists a small but very dense and hot magplasma processor core about 15km in diameter, that is surrounded by matrioshka layers to effectively utilize the waste heat. Observations indicate that these micronodes are used as 'ports' for Transcend vessels (no ship coming from other Transcend systems has ever been observed to fly directly into the core system and all non-Transcend vessels trying to get into the system have been intercepted by warships and military ISOs launched from these nodes) and as parts of the systems reconnaissance-strike complex. They are also believed to include nano- and picogauge-wormhole connected sensors to detect incoming vessels and especially metric warheads. These nodes are an integral part of the S5 residing in the N-node and all wormhole links from these micronodes connect directly to the N-Brain. This supports the claims that most of the micronodes are part of the Trancend Seven 'immune system'.

The Cyberia-Keter Ambassador Information Leak

A lot of the information known about NGC 6802 and Transcend Seven in particular is derived from information stolen from the Keter Dominion by transsapient hackers and freedom of information activists of the Cyberian Network. A Keter S3+ ambassador seraiph is present in every large Transcend Cluster and a similar Transcend being in the Keter clusters (like Aleph Absolute for example). The reports of the Keterist ambassador to the Transcendent Heart Cluster could be stolen by the Cyberian Agents from a Keter diplomatic database. According to these documents, which are considered real by most experts (but a memetic fabrication of some archai towards some unknown purpose might also be possible), the Transcend has actually much deeper connections with other empires than previously thought, especially with the Panvirtuality, Diamond Network, TRHN and Keter.

The co-operation between the Transcend and the other named Empires includes not only extensive trade of data and godtech, but also exchanges of high level seraiphs to learn "each others way" and to work on joint scientific projects. This information also states that the Transcend beings prefer having their own computronium bodies over living in a larger node that is shared by many others. For example a S3 will prefer having its own Moon Brain over sharing a hypernode with others, although there are exceptions. A rough extrapolation of the known information would lead to the following population breakdown of the system: several thousand S3s and S3+s in the moon nodes, up to a hundred S4s and S4+s in the J-nodes, 1 S5 in the N-Node, 1 S5+ in the matrioshka swarm and the binary god-stars which are part of the S6 controlling the entire cluster. Of course these numbers are lower than the number of nodes, because there are individual godlings and archai in the system, who consist of many M- and/or J-Nodes.

Alphaline Ascendant, the AI-God of the cluster, is claimed to incorporate all 177 SM-Nodes and 16NM-Nodes in the cluster as well as several basement universes, with the Transcend 29 SMMeganode being the root-node of the gigantic W-Brain network.

The energy output throughout the cluster has risen steadily over the last few hundred years and the last report indicates that the cluster might soon attempt to achieve transaturation ascension and depart to abstract spaces. This possibility might not be as far-fetched as it may sound, after all, reality intertextualisation as well as the study of the bulk have been the research focus of the cluster over the last 1000 years and such ascension events have happened before, although it is not really known to anyone below the archailect level what has truly happened to the intelligences involved.

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Text by Marcel Lossi
Initially published on 20 July 2011.