Viewers of the Sacred Vacuum, The
The Viewers emerged during the late First Federation as advances in the physics of vacuum engineering revolutionized interstellar society. Inspired by the great topological synthesis of the Grand Fourteen they saw vacuum as the true source of reality, the underlying bedrock that makes up existence. It is eternal and all-encompassing, with matter and energy as the merest ripples on its simplest facets. While the Viewers have often been said to view the vacuum as God, they hold that such a concept implies a level of individuality that is too limiting to refer to the truth of vacuum. Their position is to some extent pantheistic, viewing the experienced universe as merely an aspect of the underlying divine nature.

Viewers contemplate the Vacuum, often exploiting gnostic nets and other tools to link to hyperturing supported insight into its structure. Since matter and energy are merely results of the vacuum and even the observer is in the end vacuum, this corresponds to the vacuum locally experiencing and contemplating itself. Viewers strive for a level of understanding where they constantly experience their nature as a localized fluctuation in the vacuum.

While the Viewers emerged as a spontaneous philosophical movement and largely lack organised structure, they have always held strong links with some theoretical physics movements. Uelo Olmhaim Red, one of the Grand Fourteen, has made no secret of eir allegiance to the Viewers. Many Viewers also find employment in vacuum engineering or physics, seeing it as a sacred task to interact intimately with the vacuum.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 12 December 2001.