The belief that all xenosophonts are fabrications of Terragen origin

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Xenodeniers point to certain cases of apparently alien races which have been confirmed to be deceptions, such as the Whuffies created by the so-called Progenitor Lord

As Terragens have expanded throughout the galaxy, they have formed a great number of different views and ideas about the nature of life and the universe. However, it is not uncommon for a sophont's personal beliefs to conflict with known evidence. Perhaps one of the most infamous cases of this can be found in the phenomenon known as xenodenial. Simply put, xenodenial refers to the minority belief that no true xenosophonts have ever been physically encountered, and that the various xenological Institutes (such as Eden and the HIE) have been feeding misinformation to Terragen civilisation for millennia. It should be noted that xenodenial is largely a term applied to this belief by outside groups - xenodeniers have a number of names for their beliefs (Denvolism, xenoskepticism, etc.). Although many would argue that xenodenial has existed in some form since alien life was first detected, nearly all modern forms can be traced back to the claims of Pravis Denvol.

Pravis Denvol (7796 - 8001) was a near baseline human hailing from Avon, a small cluster of plebhu habs located in the Archaipelago. Pravis was one of fifteen known clonechildren of Tramen Denvol, a xenologist of the Eden Institute, who ascended to posthuman status in 7869. In 7871, Denvol released a virchpaper entitled "The Empty Universe" onto the Known Net, wherein he made a number of outlandish claims about the nature of xenolife (which he claimed had been revealed to him by his clonefather), many of which are believed by most extant xenodenier groups in the Current Era.

◾ All extant xenosophont races in the Terragen Sphere have been bioengineered (either created from scratch or provolved to sophonce) by transapient biontogenists

◾ All artefacts of supposed alien origin (including all spacecraft and megastructures) are fabrications, constructed to appear much older than they actually are

◾ All radio transmissions of supposed alien origin are either hoaxes made by Terragen astronomers or previously undiscovered natural phenomena.

According to Denvol, Tramen had told him that the alien cover-up had been set in place by transapients, who believed that modosophonts would be unable to handle the concept of total isolation in the universe. Although "The Empty Universe" received heavy criticism and has been condemned by many xenologists, a small number of readers expressed genuine interest in Denvol's claims, and decided to spread the word on the "true nature" of alien life. These individuals were termed "xenodeniers" by the media, and despite the ridicule they faced from outsiders, banded together to form various Net-based communities.

In 7896, a user appeared in a number of xenodenier boards on the Known Net under the name of TRAVOL. TRAVOL claimed to be the posthuman that was once Pravis' clonefather, Tramen, and openly voiced his disgust at his clonechild's "petty grab for attention". Most xenodeniers on these boards believed that they were simply being harassed by one of the many who disagreed with their views, and simply ignored TRAVOL (whose stay was very brief). Whether or not this user was the entity it claimed to be is unknown to the present day, although the event coincided with Pravis Denvol's decision to leave the xenodenier community for good.

It should be noted that there has been some conflict between xenodenier communities over differing views and ideas. Some of the stauncher xenodenier communities will refute the existence of all forms of alien life (including even basic xenobacteria), whilst some of the more liberal groups will accept the existence of long-vanished and extremely distant xenocivs, but reject the existence of intelligent aliens in the Terragen Sphere. Two of the longest-lived and best-known xenodenier communities are the Empty Universe Foundation[1] and the Lonely Minds Society[2]. Both organizations are known to consist almost entirely of modosophonts, and are noted to have a large percentage of baseline humans amongst their membership. The two communities (particularly the former) have also faced heavy criticism for targeting well-known artists for their membership in order to get their message across. Notable living xenodeniers include Gray playwright Fidelfa Lytez (b. 10376) and Childofmars composer Stalpo Jovinal (b. 10497).


1. Founded in 7890 by Mawas author Movado Ulbarin (b. 7801). One of the stauncher xenodenier groups, refusing to acknowledge all forms of xenolife. Initially hostile to xeno members (believing them to be "part of the conspiracy"), although have grown more accepting of them over the millennia. Presently led by Octoperior Whisper of the Waves (b. 10401).

2. Founded in 7916 by cyborg Bynid Humms (b. 7764). One of the more liberal xenodenier communities, acknowledging an alien presence beyond the Terragen Sphere. Has been welcoming of xeno members since its formation. Currently led by nearbaseline To'ul'h Th'sh'th'han. (b. 10298).
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