Xanthippe and Kate

First Thiogen Worlds discovered

Kate and Xanthippe
Image from Steve Bowers
Kate and Xanthippe orbit Petruchio, HD 62549b, a hot AzuriNeptunian world.
SystemStar HD 62549
Galactic XYZ -108.65 -103.39 24.72
Distance from Sol 152 ly
Constellation Monoceros
Luminosity 1.54
Planet Petruchio
Radius 30190km
Moons Xanthippe, Kate
First worlds discovered with Thiogen lifeforms. Xanthippe and Kate are two moons of the single Neptunian world in this system. Both worlds have a microbial biosphere which is viable at around 250 Celsius, but there are no detectable remains from the ancient xenosophont species which created the Vitriolic biological type.

Although this was the first system discovered by Terragen explorers which held biospheres based on hot, liquid sulphuric acid, there are many significant differences between the life in this system and that on other Vitriolic type worlds. For instance the microbes on these moons are acclimatised to slightly cooler temperatures than on other similar worlds, and the lack of Thiogen artifacts suggests that the biosphere evolved naturally.

One possibility is that the microbes arrived here by panspermia, perhaps from LiuShan, less than 100 light years away to rimward. Or perhaps the microbes were brought here by some other agent, such as the Muuh or the Auld Limners, either accidentally or deliberately
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 25 April 2017.